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Originally founded in 1966 by Ken Glasgow, Corporate Capital Leasing Group Inc. (CCLG) offers over 40 years of leasing experience. We have learned over the years that the businesses and the customers we work with are more than just names and numbers on a page. We know that people have dreams about owning their own business. We know that businesses have to compete, and to do so, they need the latest technology. We know that good people often have problems that are not self inflicted. These are our customers. These are the people and the businesses who we have helped  thousands of times for over 40 years.

Since you probably found us on the web, you already know that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of lenders out there and they will all promise you "service" and "competitive rates" and they tell you that they are the best at what they do. Well, what they do is probably not what you need. What good is low rates and fast service if they turn you down? While credit is often the reason for a turn down, many times it may be the equipment or vehicle to be financed; it may be the time in business or many times it is because the leasing company just doesn't understand what the customer is trying to do. Applying at leasing companies that have no chance of approving your application just makes a difficult situation worse.  

Talk to Ken at CCLG first !


ASK ABOUT OUR "OFF LEASE" VEHICLES (Limos, car haulers, tow trucks etc) WITH EASY FINANCING !


           IF YOU DON'T NEED EQUIPMENT OR VEHICLES ....can we help you with working capital ?

Ken has spent the majority of his working life helping businesses obtain the equipment, vehicles and working capital that they need. that they need. He has been responsible for arranging and / or providing financing totalling over 300 million dollars over a 45 year span. He has worked with some very well known companies and businesses, and many times, we were able to get applications approved that other lenders had given up on.
There is no charge to submit an application. We are paid by the lender only after an application is approved, documented and funded. People who have worked with us over the years will tell you that we are easy to work with because we don't sugar coat what we tell you and you will always know where you stand.. We tell it  like it is and, in the end, if we don't provide the financing that you need at rates and terms acceptable to you, it will have cost you nothing.

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No amount too small or too large.
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